Fabric and Craft is one of the longest standing divisions in Composite, tracing its beginnings back to the company’s establishment in the 1960’s.

This category however has seen a significant change of direction over the years with the decline of the haberdashery and fabric industries. The division has now focussed on providing specialist fabric and craft stores with access to some of the industries key suppliers.

Product categories covered by the division’s suppliers include fabrics, craft, haberdashery, and knitting yarn.

Members benefit from excellent discounts and all the other ancillary services Composite offers to ensure their businesses remain competitive.



Amandah Duncan-Dare - Manager Homewares

P:  09 918 6488

Mob:  021 474 321

Store locations

Store locations

Northland Auckland Waikato BOP Hawkes Bay Coro
Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

  • By pooling purchasing power for goods and services we can lower your operating costs and provide competitive negotiated discounts on product
  • Being a member with non-competing like minded retailers you retain your independence however benefit from the support network
  • Multiple ancillary services available to ensure your business is competitive, ie fuel card, eftpos rates, landline, broadband and mobile packages
  • The opportunity to benefit from multiple divisions for one joining fee
  • Assistance with in-store merchandising
  • One statement from all suppliers with our central billing system
  • Industry expert managing the division
  • Reference on our website to your store, website/ facebook page if available


Composite’s Fabric and Crafts division has a select group of some of the key  suppliers in the industry, whom are a very valued and important part of our business.  On behalf of our retailers discounts have been negotiated from all suppliers based on  the volume of business from the entire group.

Suppliers to the division then also have the opportunity to offer their product ranges to  other relevant divisions within the company such as window furnishing, gift and  manchester.

Suppliers Products Website
Arthur N Rowe Thread, haberdashery, buttons, knitting, wool, fabric, handcrafts, zips www.arthurnrowe.co.nz
CraftCo Craft, needlecraft, scrapbooking, beads, quilting www.craftco.co.nz
Frost Textiles Fabric, printed canvas www.textilesnewzealand.co.nz
John Rainger Textiles Fabric, threads, quilting www.johnrainger.co.nz
Nutex Wholesalers Craft/ quilt fabric/ fashion fabric www.nutex.co.nz

Fabric and Craft Division

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