Homewares is one of the newer divisions in Composite which has gone from strength to strength in recent years with a membership now of 30+ stores.

The division comprises several strong retail chains, as well as many successful smaller independent stores which are primarily provincially based.

Many of the key suppliers in the industry provide excellent discounts, special offers and exclusive product deals to the group. Product categories covered by the division’s suppliers are home décor, manchester, novelty gift, kitchenware and jewellery.

Developing close working relationships with our membership and supplier base and adding value to their businesses is key to the division’s success.

Members benefit from merchandising support, great discounts and exclusive deals and opportunities to participate in regular promotions. However many of the members consider the networking and information sharing opportunities provided by our regular meetings invaluable.



Amandah Duncan-Dare - Manager Homewares

P:  09 918 6488

M:  021 474 329

E:  amandahd@compositeretail.coop

Store locations

Store locations

Northland Auckland Waikato BOP Hawkes Bay Coro
Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

What does your business stand to gain from Composite membership?


  • According to our members, the number one benefit of belonging to this division is the networking opportunities and information sharing provided by our regular meetings
  • Direct importing opportunities leading to better margins
  • By pooling purchasing power for goods and services we can lower your operating costs and provide competitive negotiated discounts on product.
  • Being a member with non-competing like retailers you retain your independence however benefit from the support network
  • Direct importing opportunities leading to better margins
  • One statement from all suppliers with our central billing system
  • Multiple ancillary services available to ensure your business is competitive, ie fuel card, eftpos rates, mobile, landline and broadband packages, stationery discounts 
  • The opportunity to benefit from multiple divisions for one joining fee
  • Regular promotional programmes, offering your own store branded advertising at subsidised rates
  • Opportunities to benefit from exclusive product deals
  • Links on our website to your website/ facebook page
  • Quarterly newsletter updating on suppliers, meetings, gift fairs, member visits, industry news etc
Meetings and Conferences

Meetings and Conferences

The gift division runs three networking meetings during the year around the gift fairs calendar.

Our meetings are always held on the Sunday evening of the first day of the following fairs:

  • Autumn Gift Fair -  March in Auckland
  • Winter Gift Fair   - June in Christchurch
  • Spring Gift Fair  -  August in Auckland

As most of our members are attending the fairs this is a convenient time for everyone to get together. Everyone looks forward to the information sharing on what is happening in the marketplace and what is selling well for them. Our members find this information sharing invaluable, however the social aspect, relationships developed and the encompassing support network are also important.

Example Meeting Agenda:

6.00pm  Drinks and nibbles
6.45-7.30pm         Supplier presentation or guest speaker
7.30-8.00pm Dinner
8.00-9.00pm General / topic discussion
9.00pm Dessert/ Coffee

All members are welcome at these events are they are generally very well attended.

It is very much a relaxed casual affair where retailers unwind after a long day at the fair with friends and enjoy a drink, lovely meal and in the process work on their businesses. We hope you can join us at the Autumn Gift Fair in Auckland!



Centrally Coordinated Promotions

The division may run promotions over the course of the year, which are generously subsidised by Composite. Each retailer has the option to participate, and formats vary depending on the theme of the promotion.

Promotions are essential in supporting our preferential suppliers and gives our retailers the opportunity to participate in a professionally produced, store branded promotion that would be unaffordable without the combined purchasing power of the group.





Over 40 of the key suppliers in the industry belong to our gift and manchester division, and are a very valued and important part of our business. On behalf of our retailers discounts have been negotiated from all suppliers based on the volume of business from the entire group.

In return the retailers are expected to support our preferential suppliers, suppliers are promoted at our meetings/ gift fairs and our key suppliers are included in our regular promotions throughout the year.

Also during the course of the year we run regular advertorials in the Gift Buyer magazine in the form of our “What’s Hot” by Composite article. This establishes us an authority in the industry and is free advertising for our valued suppliers.



Gift and Homewares Division

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